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6 Reasons It’s Important To Get Your Offline Shop Online

6th June 2016 / 703 views

Do you have a physical shop, one thats on the high street, in the town centre, on the outskirts of town? What kind of turnover do you get a month? a year? Is your shop well located or were the prime locations to expensive to rent or buy? How many customers do you get into your shop a week?

There are so many factors to consider when opening a physical retail shop; location, staff, security, rent, bills, tills, machines, cleaning, etc.

A study by MasterCard found that eight out of 10 consumers now use a computer, smartphone, tablet, or in-store technology while shopping. A survey has revealed that the number of people shopping online across the globe has skyrocketed from 10% to 85% in two years.

1) Miss Out On Revenue

If you only have your physical shop, your missing out on a huge revenue of custom. People who would buy from your shop don’t even know you exist. More and more people shop from there devices, don’t miss out on this potential custom.

2) Broader Audience

Not only do you reach a greater audience, your audience can also be broader, so rather than being just a local shop where your audience is only as big as the town you’re in, an online shop could help you reach all over the UK or even abroad if you wished to ship international parcels.


3) Cheaper

If you are a new emerging business, why not solely sell online. Although a start up website can be expensive your average website design lasts three years, imagine the cost of town centre rent, staff wages, damaged/stolen goods, etc 3 years would accumulate. One successful client of ours Bunny Box had great success with only an online shop.

4) Maintainability

An online shop is much easier to maintain as silly as it sounds no cleaning is required, no restocking the shelves, less staff required, nobody has the opportunity to steal or damage your goods and it can be updated yourself. Only a yearly hosting fee and domain name is required.

5) Quicker Purchase Process

You can also provide customers with a quicker purchase process. With an online shop people can search for specific things, colours, sizes and styles. A lot of people don’t enjoy nor do they have the time to browse a whole shop floor for something. They want to find it quickly, and pay quickly. There’s no queuing. Or busy shop floors which can be hard to navigate! Especially in the sales.

Be Considered

Lastly those who do purchase offline often do a lot of research previously and then go out and buy. If you don’t have an online presence you won’t even come into consideration of some who is doing some pre purchase research.

If you are considering opening an shop, e-commerce should definitely be a strong consideration. If you need some advice or a quote for a new online shop don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

If you already have a physical shop, consider opening an online store to accompany it and enjoy all the benefits it comes with. If you’re interested in increasing your revenue and broadening your customer reach then contact Foamy Media for a free consultation. We have designed and developed over 10 stunning successful e-commerce shops. So get in touch today!

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