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How to successfully promote your business through LinkedIn

20th April 2017
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Understand Your Target Audience

Firstly before promoting any kind of business you need to understand who you are targeting your business posts towards. LinkedIn is a very business centred environment so proper business jargon depending on who you’re targeting is essential. How can you expect to be successful in your marketing campaigns if you don’t fully understand who it is you want your posts to appeal to the most? Whether that be business owners or employees etc, each target audience will react to posts in different ways. Once your target audience you can then sit down and deliberate on which is the best way in order to get your target audience interacting and engaged with the posts that you’re posting out on LinkedIn in order to gain more business or followers.

Target Audience

When Is The Best Time To Post?

There are many optimum times to post on LinkedIn. Firstly I believe that it’s best to post every day during the week as during the working week is when people are most active on the social network.

Monday: 12:00pm

Tuesday: 12:00pm

Wednesday: 12:00pm

Thursday: 12:00pm

Friday: Anytime from 9am-5pm

12:00 pm is considered to be the best time to post on LinkedIn during the week from Monday to Thursday, although any time during working hours on a Friday is regarded to be a good time to post because more people are active on the social network rather than working. If you really want to be power happy then you can post in the early evening from 5pm-6pm when it is believed that a lot of LinkedIn users are coming back online after just finishing work as they are on their way home.

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What Kind Of Content Should You Post?

It is believed that insights into the industry of the business hold the highest engagement rates according to research with 6 out of 10 LinkedIn users being interested into industry insights and is the most demanded type of content among LinkedIn members. Coming in at second is company news which tends to engage 53% percent of all LinkedIn users, company news is always good to post out on your page as this is content people can’t get anywhere else but from you, as it is unique and specific to your business.

Images are always the most engaging posts and generate the most clicks from users as these are more visual posts that allow the user to interact better with the post are is a more visual element to it. Links are a great way to direct people to your website in order to boost traffic to your website and for your followers and peers to learn more about your business in a greater depth and detail although links don’t tend to generate as many clicks as images do.

LinkedIn Content

Utilising Recommendations

Recommendations are vital for your business and are often neglected as a feature but should definitely be integrated into your marketing strategy. It is paramount for you to establish a good reputation for your business and one of the best places to do this is LinkedIn, in a business based environment such as LinkedIn having people who you have worked with in the past shows that not only that your company is genuine but you have a high integrity too. There is a tool that people can leave recommendations for you on your profile so be sure to nudge your clients to do this once you have finished working with them.

LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn Advertising

Yes, it costs money but LinkedIn advertising is a great way to put your business to the front of the market quickly rather than spending time building your company page from the ground up. Using LinkedIn advertising helps to boost the reach of your post considerably and is a great tool to use when first setting up your company page. Having an increased reach also means that engagement on the post will be boosted too which means that more people will be liking and sharing your content too.

LinkedIn Adverts

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Instagram Introduces The Multiple Photo Upload

23rd February 2017
instagram allows you to post multiple photos

If you feel constrained to share multiple photos or videos from your trip on Instagram, a new feature rolled out on Thursday will make your vacation look beautiful in a single album.

Due to the 10.9 update for Android and iOS people now have the choice to combine up to 10 images and videos in one post. Followers then have the ability to swipe through these.

The multiple photo upload order can be changed by a simple tap and hold. Either all the images can be edited as a whole or each individual image can be edited.

Since its inception, Instagram has been based on the concept of uploading a single photo or video at a time. The reason for the change is uncertain, but Instagram is presumably interested in creating more engagement by expanding the app’s usefulness —in examples to the press, the company suggested shooting complete events or posting step-by-step recipes.

Earlier only advertisers were able to share the gallery which users could swipe through horizontally, but now the feature has made its way to all 600 million users.

Foamy Media made their first multiple photo post this morning, check it out here

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Cost v Quality: Get More Bang For Your Buck

7th February 2017

The Scenario: Cost v Quality

So you’re setting up your own business for the first time. Your multi million pound idea is there, but you’re on a strict budget. You need a website as well to get your business off the ground, but you know that a good quality website can be costly. So you’re stuck in a dilemma on whether to invest in a high quality bespoke website or whether to save money on a cheaper “build-it-yourself” website. 

Web Developers Have The Expertise To Build A Quality Website From Scratch:

This is the most common problem as professional website developers have years of experience in building professional websites for a large number of clients in a wide range of industries, so their skills in web design will be far more advanced than someone who is looking for a quick and cheap alternative to get their business off the ground. Although this comes at a cost, a web design company can offer you professional design and advice with a website that generates enough traffic for your business. Unless you have the skills to create a high quality website and knowledge of advanced programming languages then a good website through a self-build format is near impossible.

Professionalism Gives A Great First impression:

There is nothing more important than a good first impression in the business world. A high quality bespoke website will generate a good first impression for your business as it will showcase and increase brand awareness and your name will start to stick in the potential client’s mind. A good professional look, on a website produced by a qualified developer will look a lot more appealing to a business’ target audience than a self built website would, as self-build websites usually operate on a few different templates that cater for every business.

Are looking for a high quality website for take your business to the next level?

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Website performance overall is very poor:

With self-build websites you get what you pay for, these kind of websites will give you huge flaws in design that will inevitably end up causing an inconvenience to your business in the long run. Self build websites come with no search engine optimisation (SEO) work done to them at all so your business will purely rank invisible to users that try to search for your any content that relates to your business. SEO can be a difficult and time-consuming process to grasp without a professional’s help. Also, self-build websites come with shared hosting which means that websites are then riddled with slow page loading times which causes potential customers to leave your website in frustration due to a poor user interface.

Quality Takes time:

The common saying is “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and this concept can be applied to websites as well. A good quality website will take time to build as rushing a website can lead to a lot of silly mistakes that would not have been made if the time had been taken to create a quality website. The first place people will go to learn more about your business is your website so your company’s website is a very important investment therefore it requires time and effort to design it and make it function how you want so that in the end you receive a good return on your investment in your brand new and unique website.

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5 SEO Tips To Help Your Business Grow In 2017

13th January 2017

5 useful SEO tips to help your business grow in 2017

Search engine optimisation is essential to ensure that your business is successful online and to make sure that your website is being seen by people who are searching for the content that is relevant to your website. In this short article I explain 5 simple SEO tips that can easily help your business grow and increase traffic during the new year of 2017.

1. Utilise The Meta Description

To start our SEO tips is if your focus keyword isn’t included in the meta description for the link to your page then the search engine will not rank your page as highly because it holds no relevant information about the content that is on your page so the search engine then classes your page as irrelevant to what the end user is searching for. Plus the meta description also needs to be appealing to the end user reading it otherwise they won’t be enticed to find out more about your article on your website and then won’t click on your website so it’s important to find the right balance between have an optimised meta description and an appealing and interactive meta description too.

2. Use Business Specific Keywords

Use keywords that are specific to your business so that you’re ranking highly for the keywords that people are commonly searching for. This will allow a large number of traffic to be drawn into your business because the search engine will recognise that your page is relevant to the keywords that you want to be linked with as the content on your page is related to it. This will also make tracking how well your SEO is performing easier and this will allow you to compare yourself against your competitors to make sure that you’re ranking higher than them on the search engines so that you can attract more traffic than them.

3. Make Sure Them Keywords Are Being Searched For

It is key that the keywords you are using to be searched for are actually being searched for by the end users otherwise your business may rank highly for a set of keywords that aren’t very popular in terms of search statistics. So you may rank high on the search engine but don’t generate as much traffic which is very misleading to the business. This will help you work your way up the rankings for better quality keywords that will lead to a significant amount of traffic to your website through your optimised keywords are specific to your business.

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4. Keyword Density

You need to make sure your keyword density finds a happy medium on your page. If the keyword density is around more than around 5% then the search engine then starts to count your page as saturated with your specific keyword and then this gets flagged up as spam by the search engine and then the page starts to move down the rankings as it is now deemed as an unreliable website.  Although if the keyword isn’t featured enough then the content that you’re writing is then deemed not relevant to what your webpage is supposed to be linked to so a keyword density of around 2%-5% is the optimum percentage to ensure that your webpage is fully optimised in order to achieve the highest rankings possible.

5. Use The Focus Keyword In The Page URL

The final part of our SEO tips is that it is key that your focus keyword is contained in your URL for your page as this helps to boost it up the rankings as the search engine will look at the page title and URL for your keyword to decide whether or not your page is relevant to the keyword you’re claiming to be specific to your website. It is important to not use stop words in the URL and webpage slug as stop words are already filtered by the search engine when they are searched for so they do not need to be included in the URL and the more specific niche keywords need to be featured. This will make it look more tidier when promoting links on the page. The slug and the page title need to be the same because if they are different then they are seen as the two don’t look then your webpage will not rank as high.

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7 easy ways to improve your Facebook page

9th January 2017

1. Use Facebook Ads

There are many ways to improve your Facebook page such as using Facebook Ads, your business page will grow very little if you do not use Facebook to spread the name of your business. You can target your specific target audience rather than just relying on random Facebook posts in the hope that it will reach the people you want to attract to your business. A perk of doing this is it will reduce your advertising costs and increase ads efficiency so that you can attract the right customers to your business.

2. Promote your posts

Every Facebook post has a maximum duration in which the public can see your post on their news feed. Once this expires it’s not visible to your audience anymore so promoting your posts is a great way to reach more people in a shorter amount of time so you can attract a larger target audience. Promoting a post has a guarantee of a much larger reach on your post when compared to the organic ones. A non promoted post is unlikely to lead in more page likes and more engagement when on promoted posts then these are highly likely as you target a specific target audience and a larger number of people.

3. Use more visual posts

More social media users are likely to be attracted to visual posts such as videos and images. As these are more likely to attract people to interact and share the content which will then open the post to be seen by a wider audience than just your followers so this can lead to the possibility of more shares from the larger audience so this allows the posts reach to keep growing. More visual posts receive more clicks than on status’ and links with no image as they don’t catch the users eye unlike posts that have a visual aid.

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4. Post a diverse range of content

A wider range of content will allow your target audience to always be refreshed by the content that they see when visiting your page and then they won’t get bored of the post that they see from your page and are therefore more likely to engage with the content that your business puts out. Nobody wants to read the same boring article over and over again so a diverse range of content will ensure that people will enjoy seeing the unique content which will result in more engagement on your social media posts.

5. Use an attractive cover photo and profile picture

This is a very basic and simple tip but also extremely effective in ways to improve your Facebook page. Customers will be more likely to engage with your page more if they are attracted to the various graphics on your page. This will also make your page and business look more professional to your target audience which will ultimately create a great first impression to them. Your cover photo and profile picture must also represent your companies brand at the same time whilst be appealing to ensure maximum success from it as the audience will remember the name of your business because of the attractive artwork for your company.

6. Use a custom URL

The key to using a custom URL is that it is more easy to remember to clients rather than it having an automated reference code at the end of the URL made up of letters and numbers which unless written down, your target audience is very unlikely to remember it. Also a custom URL is that it looks a lot more tidier when you use that URL to share a link to your page on a social media post so then instead of there being lines and lines of code the audience you are targeting won’t be put off by your link as it is short and concise.

7. Keep up to date with what’s going on in the real world

Making sure your page and posts stay relevant is the best way to make sure that your post are the most engaging to your page as no one will want to read old and outdated content because the world has moved on for example from a certain trend such as Pokemon GO. Also a good way to target your audience is through seasonal posts and creating specific posts to promote your business at a certain time of the year as your target audience as your customers are more likely to be drawn to these. By jumping on to the latest trend people will be more engaged with the posts you produce and the audience will like that you are up to date with trends.

Everything is always better with an experts help!

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3 New Team Members Join The Foamy Family

2nd December 2016
blog sam

November has been a busy month for Foamy Media as we welcome 4 new team members to the Foamy family.

Karen our business development manager is settling in and capturing new business, and to cope with the increase in work we have brought on 2 new web developers.

Ryan and Martyn joined us mid way through November and will be getting straight to work on the 9 live website projects we have as well as 3 large scale bespoke projects coming in early 2017.

And after our SEO guru, Ryan left us we are happy to welcome Sam Hammonds on board to take over our digital marketing clients. Sam will be completing a digital marketing apprenticeship and has been tasked with managing 10 of our social and search clients.

So busy times at Foamy Media – stay tuned for news about our latest website and mobile app launches coming before the Christmas shutdown.

blog sam

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G4 Vehicle Logistics Drive Off With A New Bespoke Website

11th November 2016
Who Are G4 Vehicle Logistics

G4 Vehicle Logistics organise and execute the collection and delivery of vehicle stock. In addition they also provide high quality facilities for cars, vans and minibuses with enclosed locked compounds.


They needed a modern mobile optimised website. One that would really make their business stand out and put them at the forefront of the competition! It needed to allow people to easily generate an online quote for a vehicle collection and delivery based on distance and delivery date. Our in house graphic design team came up with a modern and user friendly interface which looked professional yet simplistic creating a modern look of minimalism.

Bespoke System

Foamy Media designed and developed a fully bespoke system. This included a fully bespoke quote builder engine which compared both distance and time to generate an accurate quote for the service requested.

G4 Vehicle Logistics also invests in technology, training and recruitment to provide the most efficient and effective service for their clients. This was the motivation for an additional feature to be added to the website. Foamy Media developed and integrated an easy to use internal training portal. This allowed G4 to upload company training videos that new and current staff could watch.

The overall result is awesome! Check it out for yourself –

G4 Vehicle Logistics
G4 Vehicle Logistics
G4 mac mockup
G4 Recruitment
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Is Social Media Important For Business?

3rd November 2016

In this article we answer the business myth of: “Is social media important for business?”

In the modern age, Social Media is being used more & more. For that reason, businesses are trying to work out how to utilise this tool in such a way to help their business. There is no specific social media system that works best, but different companies will find different success in different areas. For example, you may have seen an advert being played just before a YouTube video, or a promotion for a Facebook page on the right-hand side of your timeline. These are all companies that are using social media to their advantage, they’re exploiting a tool that is there to be exploited.

So, is social media essential for your business? YES.

Ever since Facebook was created in 2004, it has grown & grown with each year. Now it is regarded as the largest social media platform on the internet. It is estimated that around 500,000 new users are added every single day with nearly 2 billion people using the website per month. Even though the figures are high, you can’t expect that the whole of Facebook will be your audience when you’re posting things, but if you use the right techniques, you will be able to slowly build a loyal following of people who are interested in your company.

Twitter is another tool that is yet to be utilised by a lot of people. With it’s fast pace & growing number of users, it’s slowly beginning to become more & more popular with businesses. Customers will try to interact with brands through Twitter as it usually guarantees a faster response. A recent study has shown that 77% of customers feel more positive when their tweets are replied to by the brand they’re trying to reach. Twitter is a great way to direct your followers to longer-form content posted elsewhere. This is solely because of the 140 character limit on each Twitter post. One of the most common ways that Twitter is used from a business point is for Customer Service because it’s a quicker way to reply to your customers.

So, how exactly would you go about making sure that you utilise these tools? Is social media important for business? Social media is key to a business in order for them to grow. So making sure that your social media is done right is paramount.

Social media is a tough cookie to crack, as it’s still relatively new. To avoid confusion, Foamy Media offer Social Media Management, a service in which we take control of your social media profile to make sure you get the most business from it that you can. If you would like some more information about how Foamy Media can help you, CLICK HERE.

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New Letting Agency Appoints Foamy Media

25th September 2016
Estate Agent

Foamy Media is delighted to announce that we will be working with a brand new property letting and management company who are setting up in Stoke-on-Trent in the very near future.

They have come to Foamy Media requesting a bespoke property portal website which will enable them to show potential house hunters all the available properties they have on their books.

The website will be designed and developed in-house and will go live in the next few weeks as the business is ready to launch – so watch this space!

Estate Agent

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Commercial Property Surveyors Come To Foamy Media

21st September 2016
commercial property auctions

A well know local Stoke-on-trent based commercial property surveying company has chosen Foamy Media to help with a redesign of their website.

The current website is a little out-dated, not mobile friendly and does not show the property listings off in the best light – and this is what Foamy Media are going to fix.

The site will feature a custom WordPress theme which will be mobile optimised and built for speed and ease of use, and we will redesign the property listings section of the website to enable potential property buyers to view all the information they need quickly and easily.

The website will be designed and developed in-house at Foamy Media and has a rough launch date of around Halloween – so stay tuned!

commercial property auctions

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