How Much Does A Website Actually Cost?

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How Much Does A Website Actually Cost?

We get asked this question at least 3 or 4 times a week, and it is a very good question, but often hard to answer. This is because every project is different and because we offer a unique and bespoke solution to each client there are no set prices for our website projects.

However we do have guide prices for our projects, and these are outlined below. So if you are thinking about having a new website designed by Foamy Media then this price guide will give you an overview of what you can expect to pay, and what you can expect to receive in return!

All our projects are created from the ground up every single time. We do not use templates bought online, we do not copy and paste one project and change the logo and we do not take shortcuts. Each project is given the same care and attention whether it is a 3 page brochure site or a 30,000 product e-commerce store.


Small 3-10 Page Brochure Websites

brochure site

A brochure website is a site which has information about a business such as contact details, products or services information, photo galleries and reviews and is quiet simple in its nature. These websites are what most small businesses require as they want to give customers information about what the business, where it is, and how to contact them.

Price Range: £900 – £1500+vat

Turnaround Time: 4-8 weeks


Larger Complex Business Sites

brochure site

Foamy Media can also design and develop larger scale brochure sites for businesses, and these sites may content dozen of pages along with other functionality such as a blog or events diary.

Having more complexity means a higher detail of work is required to complete the project and more bespoke development maybe required in setting up a news feed, or backend system to manage events, property listings or such like.

These projects can vary in price massively depending on complexity, but as there is nothing the Foamy dev team can’t do so it is always worth getting in touch with the team so discuss a project in more detail.

Price Range: £1500 – £7000+vat

Turnaround Time: 4-16 weeks


E-Commerce Stores


The Foamy team love to develop e-commerce stores for clients as we can really get our teeth in to optimising a site to capture as many sales as possible. Our dev team are able to design a bespoke front end skin and place this on top of the Woocommerce framework to give you a fully functional, slick and easy to use e-commerce website.

Woocommerce is a fantastic platform which we have used for the past 4 years, so we know all the best features, functions and add-ons to get your online checkout ringing!

Typically e-commerce stores work best when they are a standalone store, however we can bolt stores on to existing websites also.

Price Range: £2500 – £7000+vat

Turnaround Time: 4-12 weeks


Website Re-Designs


If you already have a website but it is looking a little old fashioned, it may not work on a mobile device properly or you simply want to change the look to match new branding then the Foamy team can help with this also.

Most often a website redesign is about 25% cheaper than having to start from scratch as you have already done a lot of the planning work and have content ready, so we are simply looking to improve the visuals and user experience rather than add content to an empty framework.

If you wish to keep an existing CMS such as WordPress then we can do this and create a new frontend theme, if you use any other CMS then we may look at switching to either a bespoke php framework or use WordPress.

Price Range: £1500 – £7000+vat

Turnaround Time: 4-16 weeks


So if you are looking to have a new website for your business, set up an online store or have your current website redesigned then you have come to the right place – simply give us a call on 01782 499399 to discuss your needs and we can arrange a meeting to give you more details and accurate pricing.

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