Halal Hands

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Halal Hands is the UK’s biggest muslim directory putting all the best halal businesses all in one place.

Halal Hands came to us in need of a whole new look. Their current website was poorly developed by previous designers, and was infested with malware leaving it unfit for purpose.

It’s now mobile friendly, it loads faster, its free of malware and has an improved user interface therefore bettering the user experience.

Not only did we improve the layout and the speed but also added a bit of a Foamy touch to really make the website stand out and give it a real edge on other muslim business directories.

Halal Hands couldn’t be happier with the final project giving them the modern lift they needed to really get people noticing them. We look forward to working with Halal Hands in the future.

Check their website out > https://halalhands.com

Halal Hands