SEO Tips For Beginners 2018!

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The Complete Guide To SEO!

In this article, you will begin to learn even more about SEO and all the components that go into the field and how you can improve your website’s SEO score. In order to get the best out of your SEO, you need to understand all the aspects that go into your campaign before you start to make any changes to optimise your website. So enjoy your read!

It’s In The Domain Authority

The first thing we are going to talk about is domain authority and how the trust of your website plays a huge part in the ranking of your site as it summarises how much Google trusts your site. Now there are multiple things that can boost your domain authority to Google and if you don’t have a higher domain than 20 then your site will usually be at a disadvantage than your competitors. Domain authority is scored on a point system out of 100, and generally speaking, the websites that have a lot of external links to other really high domain authority sites such as Wikipedia or Google will see themselves having a high domain authority themselves. Brand new websites will always start with a domain authority of 1 so if you have recently had a new website made and aren’t sure about how you can market it effectively well then SEO is definitely the first place you should turn!

Domain authority is calculated in such a way that means that you may only have a DA of around 10 but you are still ranking really high. This is because if you have a higher authority when compared to your competitors then you will find that you will rank considerably better than your competitors do. But of course, it’s not that easy to increase your domain authority overnight and it will require lots of hard work. Other factors that go into your domain authority are factors like your domain age, social media mentions, the number of links that you have on the site but we’ll talk about backlinks later in the article.

Here at Foamy Media, we find that domain authority is something that is often neglected by many SEO companies especially when a new website is set up and released. All new websites will start with an authority of 1 so if you’re trying to improve your SEO game without even starting to boost your domain authority then you’re going to be fighting an uphill battle from the off. Of course, there are so many more factors that make up the process of SEO but DA is definitely one of the most significant factors that go into the process.

Content Is King

Content Is King

The phrase content is king is a phrase that rings and echoes in every SEO specialists head and is something that should be number one priority for every site. In order to begin this process, you need to make sure that you have chosen the right keywords for your business by making sure that they are being searched for and are relevant to the services or products that your business offers. If Google doesn’t see that the content on your website is relevant to your business or your page then you simply won’t rank at all. Making sure that you spend time researching your keywords is really valuable as you want to be optimising your website for specific keywords straight away rather than chopping and changing over time and having to effectively restart the SEO process all over again.

Although you will want to include your keywords in your site content a lot. In order to make sure that you are hitting the right people with a wide range of keywords if you start to saturate your webpage with keywords then Google will also pick up on this and then push your website to the bottom of the pile. When it comes to the rankings which could cost your business thousands if your competitors are ranking above you. Can you really afford to be missing out on so much business due to overpopulating your site with keywords? Most people’s answer is no, so in order to combat this make sure that you keep your keyword density to around 2.5% to 5% in order to achieve the best results. Also, you don’t want to be inserting keywords onto your webpage in any random area. Just because your website is now ranking well for your keywords the users that are visiting your site are still human so you don’t want to jeopardise your rankings with a negative first impression. If the website doesn’t make sense or read well, it is typical that the user will not proceed to engage with your business at all. That is of course if they haven’t clicked off your site already.

Ultimately speaking it should be SEO 101 to make sure that you have content that reads well to your target audience and includes the right keywords for your business. For example adding the keyword: “electrician in Stoke on Trent” to your site in many places will start to see an increase in your rankings and your traffic which can only be beneficial to your business as increased awareness for your business is always a winner. As long as it’s positive awareness of course.



Backlinks – Friend or Foe?

Once the fabled and most important method of ranking highly on Google, backlinks tend to take a back seat on their necessity to have lots of backlinks on lots of different sites. That is no longer the case as Google caught on to many websites having thousands of spammy backlinks which had been bought through outsourced SEO companies in India which had been acquired for a small price which meant that these websites would instantly rank higher than anyone else. Nowadays it is more of a hindrance to have so many spammy backlinks and could really jeopardise your rankings overall if there are many broken backlinks or links on websites that don’t have a high domain authority themselves.

The trick with backlinks is that it is definitely more important for a website’s backlinks to be more about quality than quantity. The worth of a backlink will only increase if you make sure that the website your backlink appears on has a high domain authority as this will show Google that your website is extremely trustworthy if other websites are using it. Then the next trick comes with making sure that you’re making sure that the anchor text (the text which contains the link) is relevant to the keyword you want to be found for and this will improve the quality of your backlink straight away. The way to get backlinks is to either submit your business to a business directory so that there is a website that has lots of links linking back to your site. Another trick is to search for the best blogs regarding your industry for example if you’re an electrician then to search for the best electric blogs as these will be websites have themselves been linked from highly reliable websites so these will have a high trust value to them which means that these blogs are the best websites to get backlinks on and the more that you can get the better for your website.

A good way of obtaining the best backlinks for your website is to look at your main competitors for the number one spot on the search engine rankings and then see where their backlinks are coming from and then seeing if you can get yourself a backlink on the same websites to ensure that your competitors are not outperforming you with high quality backlinks that you’re missing out on which could be why your competitors are always outranking you.

Get The Most Out Of Your Titles

Titles on your website are probably one of the main ranking factors that your website requires in order to be successful. The most important titles in your SEO criteria are the Heading 1 (H1) and Heading 2 (H2) these are one of the first things that Google will crawl when it looks at your website and determining your rank under the search term that you want to be found for.

However be careful that you don’t have too many headings on your website page as in traditional search engine optimisation fashion this will hinder your SEO score and mean that Google will try to push you down the rankings so you need to find that perfect balance which can incorporate your keywords that you want to be found in. Another perk of headings is the layout of the headings which is pretty important as it determines the order of importance for your content on the website once Google has crawled it over. It is always good to preview your changes on a new tab or development server as you will still need the website to look appealing and readable to the end user as your target audience will have all the power in deciding whether or not to use your business.

Having headings in your code is paramount and your website will struggle to rank if not and this is ruining hundreds of websites that are failing to do this which is such a basic task to complete and could improve your rankings hugely with just one simple step.

Utilise Your Location Tags

In order to get the most out of your local SEO, you will need to make sure that you have added in your location tag into the content on your website otherwise you won’t be able to get picked up when people attach the location which you operate in such as “Stoke on Trent”. It is also a good idea to include the different locations in which your services cover as you will appear for searches under these locations too and this will only be beneficial for your search engine results! Although as previously mentioned if you drop your location tags too much in the content on the website then the website will pick this up as spam so it is so important to make sure that you can be picked up for your locations which you cover and where you’re based.

Mastering the technique of local SEO is crucial before you venture out into the big bad world of national SEO as if you haven’t got the roots of the tree in place then how can you expect the rest of the tree to grow? You’ll find it much more efficient and effective to add your local tags and establish yourself as a leading name locally and build up your awareness before branching out.

There are over 6 billion searches per day on average on Google so it is more important than ever to make sure that your business is getting seen by people who require your products or services. Adding a location tag will allow you to appear for those more unique searches that the user may search for.

Meta Titles & Description

Okay so we’ve covered all the internal website components that can improve your SEO but you still need to make sure that your meta titles can be read and understood by the users that are searching for the terms as you will your website’s subject and what you offer to be clear to the end user otherwise they won’t click through and having a low click through rate (CTR) does not look good on any website. But you need to make sure that your keywords are included in the meta titles and description as similarly the headings this is also something that during a website crawl, Google will look at first so it is absolutely paramount to make your meta title not only clear but straight to the point in order to get the most out of your 70 characters. So good luck trying to fit it all into the 70 characters that search engines give you to found for.

Search engine optimisation is definitely an investment and we always tell business owners that if you have a website and it has had no SEO work done to it then there is no point in you having a website as no one will ever see it. We usually say the overall process of SEO will take around 6 months of dedicated hard work and analysis but you should be able to start to see results being achieved before this time. The results you will tend to see is a significantly better rank than what you were receiving before and more traffic to your website which should then result in an increase in business for you! Foamy Media are specialists in search engine optimisation and have a prized history of achieving outstanding results and boosting traffic to the website.

But what is the point in getting search engine optimisation? Well, the necessity of having a good search engine optimisation plan in place is now more than important than ever. Especially if you own an online shop which people can buy from. This means that you can attract more visitors to your website which can only mean more revenue for your business.

Check Your Website URL

Having your keywords in the URL of your website is also important if you want to rank for your keywords, for example, if you want to be found for social media marketing then it is important that you incorporate it into your website as Google will decide that it is irrelevant to your website if you don’t include it in. This is something that Google will look at straight away on your website which will outline the subject of the page that you’re trying to rank and then the rest of the page such as headings and meta titles etc will all contribute to Google’s algorithm to show that it is SEO friendly.

Website Code

Minifying CSS / JS Files

This is a simple fix for your website and if done correctly can make your website load quicker for the end user and this will improve the overall experience for your customers. If your target audience can use the website without any issues then the users will be more likely to interact with your business due to having a slick website that they can use efficiently. The trick to this component is identifying which files need to be minifying which you can use with a wide range of different SEO tools and then minify them with a tool online and swap the code over, although as we always say, before you commit anything live make sure that you have tested it thoroughly to ensure that your website is still in working order. On average you want to make sure that the website loading speed is under 5 seconds so that you know your site is performing at optimum speed and giving the end user the smoothest experience possible.

There are a wide number of ways that you can make the site load faster for your target audience. Firstly if you own a WordPress website then you can start by uninstalling the plugins that you don’t necessarily need or use on the site which can take a huge time out of your loading time as there are fewer requests for the browser to go through when loading your site. Secondly, you can use caching on your website which will save the website data for users when they come to revisit your website their previous history is saved and they can load up the website instantly which saves the user time when they come to visit the site as a user doesn’t want to have to sit around waiting for your site to load otherwise in that time they will have probably clicked off and then gone elsewhere. Another personal technique that we would recommend you try for your website is that you can optimise your images to make your images smaller so that they don’t take as long to load up on the website. Although the trick with this is that you don’t want to lose the quality of the images otherwise it will make your website look tacky and you will really lose the appeal that your website has.

Product Images

Many people often neglect and completely disregard the need to optimise their images. There is a feature on the images code called the alt attribute which believe it or not actually contributes to the SEO as people will type their search term in the bar and they will just look at the web tab but there is the images part which takes the same principle and will cipher through the keywords and will then push the images which the search engine trusts to the tab of the results so making sure that the alt attribute is filled with no more than 5 keywords relevant to your business. This also means that people can find your website through the images on your website which is more traffic and more potential clients/customers for your website.

If you’re operating in a niche industry and you notice that most of your competitors are not utilising their SEO plan. Then you can dominate the market and establish yourself as number 1 on Google for your particular service. But if there are plenty of competitors in your industry then you could risk being drowned out by your competitors and this could be the difference between having a successful business and an unsuccessful business so don’t leave it to chance and get your SEO plan sorted for the new year.

If you’re looking to improve your business with a brand new marketing plan for 2018 then you can get in touch with Foamy Media to book a meeting to go over your business plans for 2018 and how we can help you! We hoped that you enjoyed this in depth article talking about SEO and why you need it for your business because without it you could be leaving your entire business to chance so make sure you take control of your future today!

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