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Top 5 Ways To Market Your E-commerce Site

10th June 2016 / 572 views

Now you’ve got your e-commerce site up and running how do you get it in front of people? It’s time to start generating sales, which can be hard for a newly emerged site.

  1. Email Marketing. This is a great way to influence your customers to buy more, you can send out offers, keep contact with your customers and send them helpful information.
  2. Social Media. There are a variety of free platforms which you can get your business on and start spreading the word of your e-commerce site. It can be hard at first working out which platform works best for you. So have them all to begin with, then reduce them down by posting your content across all of them and track your analytics to see which one is working best for you.
  3. Make sure your e-commerce site is mobile friendly. In an ever growing digital world more and more shopping is done on the move, on small devices such as phones or tablets. So if your site isn’t mobile friendly your missing a huge amount of revenue.
  4. Consider marketing and SEO. PPC (Pay Per Click Marketing) is extremely cheap as you only pay for each time someone clicks to your site. SEO is a great way to climb your shop up the rankings and appear for the top searches.
  5. Consider your user process. Are there too many steps to take for the user to get what they want. Generally people don’t like to go through a lengthy process to buy their products, so make sure they don’t have to. Do you offer Paypal as a payment option, many people pay with Paypal because they don’t feel secure putting in their card details. What is your delivery like, is it better, cheaper, quicker than the rest?

Foamy Media has experts in all these 5 key areas, be it email marketing, PPC, SEO, social media, shortening the payment process and making mobile friendly e-commerce sites. So if you wan’t to get your online shop up and running and in the face of new customers don’t hesitate to contact us.


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