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Lots of companies do web design – but we do it right.
We offer a wide range of websites to you to suit your business needs and purpose. We build every website as if it was for our own business, so you always get 100% attention to detail.


Here at Foamy Media web design is our passion as a digital agency and we love to work on web design with small businesses and start-up companies across the UK, as we want to help them get a foot on the ladder and help drive their new business forward with a fantastic website.

Our websites for small businesses are classed as ‘brochure websites’ from 1 page to 6 pages and are ideal for companies looking to get a website online so they can promote their business, at an affordable price.  We do not offer a low price web design service for a low end product, we offer a fantastic bespoke product at an affordable price, which will help not hinder your business as it grows.

We take as much care and attention with a small business website as we would with a large scale e-commerce website, so our price to you would be based on your exact needs.  However do not let this put you off, as with our website design packages you can be assured of a fantastic web design end product which is search engine optimised, mobile friendly and will help grow your business online.

So if you are just starting out in business or have been established for a while but do not have a website, then please give our team a call and we can discuss your project with you, set up a meeting and help get your business online!

Typically business can be looking to invest in the region of £1925 – £3850+vat for our small business websites.


As well as creating small scale brochure websites, we also love to work on the larger, more meaty projects which require a content management system to drive the website.

As a website design company. We can design and develop any kind of website your business may need, from a large multi page brochure website which showcases all of your businesses different services, right through to a business directory or event style website – there is almost nothing we can not do.

By having a content management system driving your website construction you have access to thousands of add-ons and functionality which we can use to help bring your website to live. Whether this is a simple weather forecast widget, an online hotel booking system, a complex order form or adding a blog to the website.

Content management systems also allow you to edit, upload, amend and change the content on your website 24/7 365 without the need to contact us to do it. This gives your business great flexibility in controlling its online content and also means there are no nasty hidden charges, some companies seem to love to spring on you.

Typically business can be looking to invest in the region of £5775 – £15,400+vat for our content managed websites.


Do you have a physical retail shop? Well now is the time to compliment it with an online e-commerce website from Foamy Media. More and more people are deciding to stay at home in the warmth and shop from their sofas and if you are not selling online then you are missing out on an ever increasing mass market for your goods and services.

Having an e-commerce store can open up new revenue streams for your business and help it grow into new markets and territories.  We make it easy to manage, edit, delete and add new products to your shop, and we can enable PayPal and credit/debit card payments at the checkout to ensure you capture every sale possible.

Our web design team can create small scale e-commerce websites with only a dozen or so products, right up to the large 1000+ product, multi-category super stores. There is no limit to how many products or categories you can have, and we can add functionality such as coupon codes, branded invoices, gift certificates, up-sells and much much more!

Having an online e-commerce website is not as expensive as you may think and can become one of the best business investments you can make. We have created lots of successful e-commerce websites for companies across the UK so we know how to ensure you generate the maximum amount of sales from your site visitors.

Typically business can be looking to invest in the region of £5775 – £11,550+vat for our e-commerce websites.


If your website is more than 4 years old then now is the perfect time for a website redesign, as like fashion trends move on so do website design trends and your website could be sending out the wrong message to potential new clients.

Having a fresh, up-to-date, modern and mobile ready website is essential now as web users are becoming more and more used to seeing these types of sites and expect all sites to look and work the same. If your website is not mobile ready, not easy to use or looks like it was built 10 years ago, new clients will be instantly turned off and will go elsewhere to spend their hard earned money.

Our web design team can look at your current website and suggest changes which can be made to help bring it right up-to-date, ensure it is mobile friendly and make sure the website is doing its job – showcasing your business in the best possible way.

Website redesigns are a great way to stay ahead of your competition, bring your branding up-to-date and help ensure you capture as much business from online visitors as possible. You should look to redesign your website every 5 years as a minimum, we would suggest a website design review every 3 years to stay ahead of the curve.

We offer specialist web design here at Foamy Media to ensure that you get the finest quality website redesign end product for your business from our professional web developers.

Typically business can be looking to invest in the region of £3850 – £7700+vat for our website redesigns.