Website Development

Every business needs a website no matter how big or small.
Foamy Media are experts in all aspects of website development and design, get in touch with us and see how we can help you start your website development project today.

1. Planning

Every website we design and develop at Foamy Media is built around your business and designed to ensure the maximum number of conversions are achieved against your goals.

We look into your business to see how it works, check what the competition is doing well and also what they are doing badly, and work out the overall aim of the website before we start to do any design work. Our website development team here at Foamy Media will go over every fine detail with you to make sure you will be satisfied with your website upon completion.

2. Design

We do not use any pre-made templates at Foamy Media, our UX designers create a bespoke layout and design for every single website based on what the end goals are.

This way you get a fully bespoke website professionally designed by our website development team which is made to meet your business needs, not a website which simply puts your content into a generic template and looks like 100,000 other sites.

All design work is done in-house as we do not out-source anything at Foamy Media, so you can be assured of top level quality done by our own designers.

3. Development

Once our website development designers have completed the design work and the client is happy with it and has signed it off it then gets passed to our in-house development team who will crack open their code editors and begin the development stage.

We build the majority of sites using the Laravel framework or from the ground up using raw HTML or PHP. This way we have full control over the development stage and are not relying on 3rd party CMS or plugins which may go wrong at any time.

4. Deployment

After all of the website framework is in place and the content has been added we fully test the website against all major browsers and operating systems, do a full spell check and test it on a range of device form factors to ensure every user gets the very best experience.

We then deploy the website onto our UK based, super fast and secure servers and complete the website launch process.


Static Brochure Site

Rough costs for a static brochure/information based site.

Bespoke design and development

Mobile optimised

Not editable by the client

E-Commerce Website

Rough costs for an e-commerce site with around 100-500 products.

Bespoke design and development

Mobile optimised

Using either WooCommerce or Shopify

Large Bespoke Website

Rough costs for a large scale full bespoke website project

Bespoke design and development

Mobile optimised

Full CMS allowing client edits

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